Drinks and snacks that combine the best better-for-you
ingredients to deliver

optimal flavor

Dried fruits and nuts with the FitPick logo

Refresh with healthy vending machine snacks at your workplace

Northshore and greater Baton Rouge experts at delivering healthy vending machines.

Ensure your employees and guests have the snack and beverage options to support a healthier lifestyle. Brennan's Vendworks delivers a wide range of nutritious and delicious products that satisfy the need for refreshment and empower healthy choices.

Healthier employees take fewer sick days and lower healthcare premiums.

Alternative vending machine items empower positive snacking choices at work.

Customize the healthy vending machine selections to meet your refreshment needs.

We make sure items that meet better-for-you standards are easy to identify.

Dedicated to working with Northshore and the greater Baton Rouge schools

Top selling better-for-you brands

Transform the vending machine into a beacon of health, with a hello goodness healthy vending machine. Brennan's Vendworks can place this iconic healthy vending machine at your business and then keep it stocked with delicious alternative snacks, including hummus, baked chips, no calorie beverages, and more.

Experienced in understanding state and administration healthy guidelines

We make it our business to understand and meet all state and local healthy regulatory guidelines from schools to county facilities.

Understand federal guidelines

Our staff have studied and crafted solutions designed to meet snack and beverage guidelines.

Variety of schools

From pre-K to universities, we offer the school refreshment options to ensure a healthier future.

Custom selections

We personalize the healthy vending machine selections to perfectly meet your needs.

Look inside Hello Goodness

Make healthy convenient and exciting.

If you want a healthy vending machine program that satisfies hunger and nutrition standards, opt for a solution from Brennan's Vendworks at 800-290-7486 or at info@brennansvending.com.

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