Transform your break room into a place employees can

eat and collaborate.

Customized menus and today's most popular fresh food options

Northshore and greater Baton Rouge's best food vending machine service

Employees appreciate having delicious and convenient food options for when they need a meal. Brennan's Vending offers the local food options in-demand by Northshore and greater Baton Rouge residents. We provide the fresh food, food vending machines, and product management that turn your break room into a mini restaurant sure to satisfy employees, increase productivity, and inspire an exchange of new ideas.

Enhance your break room with food

Locally sourced entrees

Enjoy food from local Northshore and greater Baton Rouge food businesses guaranteed to be delicious and fresh.

Fresh food your way

Customize the fresh food menu to include all your favorites including fresh salads, comforting soups, spicy wraps, and more.

Employee perk

Offer a quality fresh food program for your employees that will save them time and money while earning their appreciation.

Extensive selection of the Northshore and greater Baton Rouge area
fresh food options

Fresh sub sandwiches with tomatoes, lettuce, and ham
Hot and fresh hamburger with cheese
Grilled chicken wrap
Cup of watermelon with a fork
Cherry yogurt for a healthy snack

Upgraded food vending machine service.

Create a grab-and-go eatery in your break room sure to wow employees with fresh food from Brennan's Vending at 985-735-9469 or at

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