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Self serve micro-markets in Northshore and Greater Baton Rouge

Professional break room transformations made easy

The experience and product lines to turn your company break area into a productivity or service enhancing asset.

Brennan's Vending has been dedicated to serving the Northshore and greater Baton Rouge area since 1950. We are family owned and operated, having three generations of Brennan's work here, which helps us offer a personalized touch to our customers. We are a local, full-service provider for vending, office coffee service, and micro-markets big enough to offer a wide variety without sacrificing service.

From our quick response time to unique refreshment solutions, we are the area's favorite one stop shop for vending machines, OCS, and micro-markets. We are the perfect size to offer that customized workplace service that includes the latest in innovation and technology. Give Brennan's Vending a try.


Latest technology enhanced service

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Leaders in providing the newest innovations.

We invest in the technology systems that drive a better service experience for our customers from efficient stocking to fewer vehicle emissions.

When you're looking for service, make sure you partner with a company ready for the future. Brennan's Vending has been successfully incorporating technology that helps us do our job better. In our warehouse, we created a better product stocking system with Lightspeed, began a recycling program, and created more efficient routes so fewer vehicles were on the road. At our vending machines and micro-markets, we have product delivery systems, mobile and cashless payment acceptance, and online reporting in real time.

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Smart vending machines and kiosks send up to the minute product data to our warehouse.

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Built-in infrared sensors detect if a products is delivered, and if not, trigger an instant refund.

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Enhanced payment options including acceptance of credit and debit cards as well as mobile wallets.

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Modern vending machines, kiosks, and coffee brewers built with the newest designs and technology.

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Efficient warehouse product selection

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Focused on refreshment service for today

The latest product selection system guaranteed to deliver just what you need.


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Healthy vending machines in Northshore and Greater Baton Rouge

Everything you're looking for in one provider.

Bring in the refreshment service provider dedicated to investing in smarter, more advanced systems -- Brennan's Vending at 985-735-9469 or at info@brennansvending.com.

See the Brennan's difference.