Refresh your break room with an open concept

mini-store open 24/7

Office micro-market in a break room

Hundreds of products not available in vending machines

Premium self-checkout kiosk solutions for Northshore and greater Baton Rouge businesses.

Benefit from the newest solution in workplace refreshment, the micro-market from Brennan's Vending. The open racks and glass front coolers open up the space and available product options so your employees can enjoy more. Shop the market 24 hours a day and make purchases at the self-checkout kiosk. It's a hassle free full-service solution for your business. All transactions are safe and secure.

Unique layout to match your business location

Cafeteria style breakroom for employees
Convenient micro-market for happy employees
Self-serve kiosks making micro-market purchasing quick and easy
Row of vending machines, fresh food, and snacks in a micro-market
Countless name brands for convenient vending

Micro-markets More food, snack, and beverage options than traditional refreshment solutions.

Don't settle for anything less than the best refreshment service in Northshore or greater Baton Rouge when you can get micro-markets from Brennan's Vending at 985-735-9469 or at

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