Create a rivalry with the local cafe by brewing better coffee

in your break room.

More of the hot beverages you crave from
gourmet coffee to fine tea

Office coffee service to wow your
Northshore and greater Baton Rouge employees and guests.

Having a delicious and quality cup of coffee or hot tea at your business is a must. It energizes and inspires employees as well as keeps them on site without wasted time in line at the coffeeshop. With Brennan's Vending's office coffee service program, your employees can enjoy all the same coffee and coffee based beverages that are available from a cafe, but conveniently in the break area.

Drip coffee machine

Three burner

Coffee pod brewer

Air pots

Three burner commercial coffee brewer

Portable carafes

Coffee air pots

Commercial brewers

Commercial coffee brewers and accessories

Drip coffee

Total 1 coffee machine

Pour over

Commercial coffee brewers and accessories

Single cup

Hot teas from aroudn the world
A man enjoying a cup of hot coffee
Coffee to go with a plastic lid and wooden stir stick
Coffee air pots
Commercial coffee brewers
Commercial coffee brewers
Commercial coffee brewers

Our Services

Limitless Variety

We carry all the national brand coffee, local roasts, private label coffees, quality teas, and more.

Customized For You

Select the range of products that will suit your Northshore or greater Baton Rouge business best.

Coffee Accessories

From cups to sweeteners, we have the products that will truly personalize your office coffee service.

Enjoy a local favorite at your company with Community Coffee

Office Coffee Features

Happy employee drinking a hot latte in her office
Create a coffee bar to entice your top employees.
Hot coffee in to-go cups from a micro-market
Offer our gourmet coffees that rival the coffeeshop.
Variety of different coffee flavors
Personalize your latte, mocha, cappuccino, or coffee.
Hot tea in a kettle with cup next to a lemonand mint
Finest selection of teas from green tea to herbal tea.

Better water starts with better filtration

Pure and clean water from a water filtration machine

Welcome today's new water cooler

Eco-friendly water solution that tastes fresh and pure

Replace bottled water with a system that connects to your water line, but still offers great tasting water, hot or cold.

Eliminate the transportation and storage of heavy bottles of water with Brennan's Vending's water filtration service. Our units attach directly to your water line, removing impurities that affect taste before delivering it to thirsty employees and guests in both hot and cold temperatures. Choose a countertop or floor model to best fit your break area.

Drinks to energize and inspire

Bring the flavor of gourmet coffee and hot tea to your break room with Brennan's Vending at 985-735-9469 or at

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